Monday, June 22, 2009

Happenings at the Os

Well, Eli is really walking now. We will soon have video of this amazing feat (still a bit Frankensteinish, but getting better everyday). Ru has been pulling herself to standing and cruising furniture now for about a week. They are making huge gains in the physical area these past few weeks. It is so exciting to see. As is the destruction that occurs on a daily basis in the house!

Ru is also developing more language skills and is adding more words to her vocabulary. Eli finally slept through the night! Praise God!! He has done it for two nights in a row so far. We are hoping it is a permanent change!

We are halfway to filing our income tax return :) Ru's SS card came in the mail today so Eli's should soon follow. We did not file them together so that we did not have consecutive numbers. This was the advice given by the very friendly and helpful person from the SS office. We can't wait to pay off our adoption loan! Our state reimbursement came in last week and they awarded us the higher amount since the kids needed to be adopted together (put them into the harder to place category for adoption). So that covered a fourth of our loan and now we hope that we will get enough back from the gov in year one to cover the remainder. we shall see!

We went to the Gurler house music festival on Saturday and had a great time! (sorry no pics). We also went to a wedding renewal that evening and had a great time! We got to see Aunt Audrey and the twins enjoyed themselves immensely. Sunday was a great father's day up in Rockford with my folks. We played dominoes and had pork roast. It was yummy. We are in week 21 of the pregnancy and everything is looking good still. Baby girl is kicking up a storm and making my life oh-so-pleasant! Enjoy the pics!

The view from our place
A typical Noelle pic - i personally like the squirrel in the background
Chalk at lunch with Daddy!

Tub time anyone?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Naming Poll now open!

We have thoughts on names and would love your input. Vote until July 4th!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

Just a quick update as our computer is down. According to the ultrasound, we are having another baby girl! No, we have no clue what her name will be, maybe I should do another poll :) More later with an ultrasound pic.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Florida trip

What a fabulous week in FLorida! It was great weather with a bit of rain most days. We spent a morning at the beach and many hours in the pool at our friends' house. The twins loved all the dogs and were very well behaved. Ruthie cut all four molars during the trip and is also working on her eye teeth on the bottom. Eli cut one more tooth on the bottom - way to go slow teether! That makes 5 for Eli and a mouthful for Ruthie. Here are some pics with narration of our trip. Enjoy!

Our hosts for this fun excursion were Mark and Alana. They housed and fed us for the week. Thanks for the great hospitality guys! Food was of course awesome and we even got famous Alana cake (Bakin' for God!) Did I mention the dogs? 3 Chihuahuas - Tito, Paco and Lupe. Face lickers extraordinaire. Then, amazingly, a dog just followed Adam and Mark home from Petco over the weekend and now they have Bella - the sweetest most hospitable dog I have met. Eli liked to lead with his lips when approaching the dogs.

This is Paco and Lupe. Tito was in his kennel slepping.


All the kids had a great time playing at their house both inside and out. Here are some candids of the fam.

DId I mention that Eli is a camera hog these days? This is his typical ham smile whenever he sees the camera :)

The pool water was a bit colder than usual because of all the rain they had gotten the week before we came down and the first couple days that we were there. Very brave daddy, very brave.

Noelle and Sarah had a craft time quite a few days. They made visors with foamy stickers this day. They had a fabulous time playing with each other and swimming in the pool!

We went to the beach since the twins hadn't been there before (no time on our last trip). ELi is a water boy for sure! He loved wave jumping with daddy. Ruthie wanted no part of the big blue ocean and was very content to destroy all sandcastles that Adam and Noelle built! Did I mention that sand got every where? We are still getting it out of Ru's ears!

The guys decided to do a rockband for us after dinner at Mo and Jeff's one night. It was very entertaining! (Jeff O, Mark, Jeff D, and Adam). They just moved into the house after getting married in early April. It's a very cute place with a nice back yard. I am thinking a pool would be great back there!

If we get the pics from child dedication I will post those too. If not, then I will not be posting until after our ultrasound next week on Tuesday. After the ultrasound, we are hoping to announce teh sex of the baby so that we can start working on names. Might do a poll for that one. Names are really hard for us! Have a great week everybody!