Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Job Interview!

Bradley University (Peoria) has invited me down for an on campus interview session! It will be sometime between mid January and early February. This would be a great placement for us, but even if the job doesn't happen, it will be great to go through the interview process. I will keep you all posted!


Homestudy and Croup

Our homestudy is finally under review by the home office. Once they approve it, the official notarized version will be signed, sealed, delivered and then we will be officially on the waiting list.

Noelle has croup and no one is really getting any sleep. I thought croup had been deemed extinct back in the 40s or 50s, but alas, it is the Malady of the Month according to our fabulous pediatrician. Who knew?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No news is not good news

So...haven't heard a peep from JOH lately so we are still waiting to find out if our homestudy is complete or not. Evidently, we are not on the waiting list until the notarized copy is received by JOH Washington office so at this point, no news is not good news. We are still plugging away at our service plan (things to do to help prepare us for transracial adoption and such), preparing our photo pages that will be sent to Taiwan, and other miscellaneous items.

More family photos will be available soon since it is Happy Thanksgiving time once again. We were so hoping to be on the waiting list before Thanksgiving. I guess we will shoot for Christmas now. We wanted to get on the list sooner so that we might possibly have Holly at home before next Christmas.

Haven't heard much from the job applications that are out there. Bradley (Peoria) has called references, but Concordia seems to be sitting on the applications. I will be sending out info to other places very soon as well.

The house is still a work in progress but the new furnace is so lovely :) We need to remove most of Noelle's toys and create a play room again in the back bedroom so that we can put up the crib and take photos of Holly and Noelle's room for the photo pages for Taiwan. We are going to take it back down again though since it will give Noelle the impression that her sister's arrival is in the near future, which it unfortunately is not. (remember near future to a 4 year old is, oh, tomorrow!)

That's all the news for now. Once again, thanks for hanging in there with us on this adventure of Holly's lifetime!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I-171H Arrived!

Great news! Our I-171H (favorable to adopt) came in the mail yesterday! This means that we have finally finished all of the governmental paperwork until the acutal adoption takes place. It is a great feeling! Now we are just waiting to be told when we are officially on the waiting list for our baby girl. Thanks for staying with us on the journey!

The Os