Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Picture

If anyone still reads this, you are in for a surprise! The unbelievable has happened. For 17 years or so, we were told that getting pregnant on our own was just not possible for a variety of reasons. Well, we have proved them wrong without even trying - no, I mean really without even trying. It appears that I am 8 weeks pregnant! Yep, that's right, pregnant. As in PG. Heartbeat looks good, but we covet your prayers for this new little one as I was taking medication for my high blood pressure that can have negative effects on Renal development (Kidneys for all my non-medical friends out there) We will have a level 2 ultrasound at week 20 (June I believe) to look at kidney development and other such things. We are speechless, excited, bewildered, astounded, happy, scared, overwhelmed and a whole bunch of other things. I will put up a post about the kids birthday soon so you can see how huge my children have gotten and how much of a cake hound Ruthie is!!! We will keep you all posted :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baggu Grosgrain Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!

Reusable shoping bags are up for grabs in this giveaway!

Baggu Grosgrain Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!