Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Really? an update?!

So, its been awhile. Sorry friends. I got sucked into the world of Facebook and ignored blogger. Can you forgive me?

We are all doing really well. Big news again from our household but does not include the word pregnant this time. I got a new job that starts this coming August so we are putting our house on the market in the next few weeks and prepping the house for a big move to Charleston, IL.

Updates by person:

Jeff is really looking forward to being a stay at home dad in our new home. work is still work for him and he is trying to find time to do the repairs needed to our current home before we put it on the market.

I am finally about healthy! Woo Hoo. Semester is going well and I have agreed to teach an intersession course for NIU so I will be done working by mid June.

Noelle is having a pretty good first grade year. Her academics continue to be top notch and she is really enjoying having siblings. She likes to hold Anna and play with the twins. They have built tents and made a very cushy spot to relax under Anna's crib!

Eli is still the big boy cruising around the house dancing and singing or shrieking all the time. Therapy is going well and we may have a diagnosis for some of his issues in the near future. He is a cuddle bug lately and I love it!

Ru is still the shy one but has gotten very gutsy with her brother and is aggressive right back with him if he tries to take her toy! She really enjoys Anna and tries to mother her. Then she goes and gets her own baby doll and mimics what I do. She is such a lover.

Anna is still the best baby ever. She is smiling, giggling and guffawing. Almost rolled over the other night! Absolutely a blessing and brings joy to everyone.

It's too late for pics but I promise I will post some good ones really soon. For now, these are all that I have.