Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally an update!

So much has happened since my last post. Start with the good stuff!

Anna is the best baby ever! She is eating and growing like a weed. She is two months old now and slept through the night a few times. Today, she has slept from around 12 last night and is still going! It is 8 am! She smiles and chortles and enjoys interacting with people - especially her daddy. She has lost that "I'm a newborn" look to her and has the best pudgy cheeks. Still wearing mostly 0-3 months clothes after being in newborn size for a month. She loves her teddy bear mobile and would rather be held and sleep on a person than any other place in the world. Daddy's side of the bed is a close second, however. She is such a Daddy's girl already :)

Twins are making progess in both therapy and teething! Eli only needs 1 more tooth to be caught up with Ruthie. He has been a grouch lately though because of all the teething. They go the dentist for their first appt just after the new year. Ruthie's speech is starting to pick up, but Eli is still very grunty and guttural in his language skills. Have a feeling that speech therapy will be starting in January. Eli was almost able to jump last week at therapy! Both feet off the floor and everything! It is a really big feat in case you were wondering! Ruthie is a very stubborn and strong willed child - not looking forward to the teenage years. BOth are wanting to sit in booster seats at the dining room table instead of in their high chairs. We will have to see about this!

Noelle is doing great in school - making straight A's on her report card and avoiding trouble more often than before. She loves reading, Bible time and art. She has been a great helper with Anna and is always available to wrestle with Eli :) She likes to build towers with blocks for Ru to knock down. Way to go big sister :)

Jeff has been a trooper since I am not always feeling up to snuff. He has put in a lot of late nights with Anna so that I could rest. Santa should be bringing him some extra presents for being so good this year.

My medical issues continue. Neurologist appt was good - headaches are due to my bp. My meds are not controlling my bp enough so Cardiologist appt this week. Just like my first pregnancy, i have a kidney stone and other urological issues, so appt next week. BUT I feel better these days and we are in finals week at work! Yeah!

Here are some random pics for your enjoyment!