Friday, February 20, 2009

The Bad Blogger

Finally I am posting but it isn't with pictures - I will get them up soon. Life is moving forward and is full everyday. Eli is cutting his first two teeth, Ruthie is cutting her 5th and maybe 6th, Noelle is finally getting her top tooth coming in (she has lost 7 and is not yet 6 years old!). Our health has improved for the most part although the kids have never lost the congestion that they had while in Ethiopia. It is still a constant part of our lives and wiping noses is a continual project.

I have an interview on Thursday at Lewis University and have applied to 3 others. Some would mean that we don't have to move but 2 of them would require us to try and sell our house and relocate. They all sound really interesting and would be a good fit, so we are of course leaving it in God's hands and will wait to see if any one gives us an offer. If not, I will return as an adjunct for NIU in the fall.

The kids will be having a birthday soon and we are having a nice family gathering at the Gparents house. They come back from vacation next week. Noelle can't wait :)

Pictures soon! I promise!