Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Fest in Sycamore

It is pumpkin fest time again in Sycamore. We went trick or treating in downtown on Wednesday night and got a cauldron full of goodies. Noelle was a very good girl and was as polite and happy as could be! She looked adorable as a cheerleader too. GO CUBS! We will be heading out trick or treating in downtown DeKalb on Saturday. Just what we need - more candy.

Comments, anyone?!

This picture sure needs a caption but it is not coming to me! Any ideas? We would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

Family Pics!

Here are some pics of the fam from visiting in Rockford and the Apple Farm. Enjoy! How is the apple cider slushie Auntie Jen and Noelle?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Photo pages, USCIS and Jeanne's Job

Today we went to the Edwards apple farm in Rockford to attempt to get some of the action shot pictures needed for the photo pages portion of our dossier. I fed a llama. He was very soft. Then I ate a donut. Realized I had forgotten to wash my hands and was a little grossed out - but ate the rest of the donut anyway :) We took pictures of just Jeff and me doing stuff around the farm - feeding the llama, picking out pumpkins, picking apples etc. since some of the pictures need to be without Noelle. I am hoping to send off some of our photos to Tien, the JOH coordinator in WA who oversees the Taiwan program. She knows what the people making decisions want to see and what shouldn't (like bathing suits). Lots of people don't "pass" on their first try with the photo pages so we wanted to get an early start while there is still some greenery around here. It was 80 degrees today! Unbelieveable for this time of year in Northern Illinois.

We are still awaiting the I171H (favorable decision to adopt) from the USCIS. We have heard that this can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, so of course we are hoping for the two weeks so that we can get onto the waiting list for a referral.

No news on the job front for Jeanne. Still waiting for calls on the applications that are out there.

I will post more pictures the next time, including Noelle's halloween outfit.

Love to all!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Last Year's Halloween Costume

Last year was simple. Noelle was a pumpkin. This year, she wanted to be a giraffe so I made her a really cute costume. Of course, she has now changed her mind. Now, it's a cheerleader (Heaven help us!) so we found a fabulous Cubs cheerleader outfit. Unfortunately, the Cubs blew it in 3 games. Well it would have been the perfect outfit if they had actually won the world series! I will post her new costume in a little bit so you can all see how adorable she is (spoken like a true Mom) and how long her hair is growing. No Gramma, we aren't getting it cut even though it is hanging in her eyes. Trust me on this one! :)

Taiwan Babies are Fabulous!

Big changes since my last post. We have officially switched from China to Taiwan. the wait time for China has increased dramatically and we believe that our daughter needs to be with us sooner rather than later. That being the case, we have moved over to Taiwan. The wait time for referral after log in date is 6-9 months and then travel 4-6 months after due to court proceedings in Taiwan. The good news is that upon referral we will receive photos, developmental information, possibly medical info and updates throughout the process. Although we still will not likely meet the birthmom, her name and information would be on record if needed in the future. Most babies are not abandoned, rather the birthmom makes the loving decision to place the child for adoption.

We will be adopting from St. Lucy Center in Tainan, Taiwan. It is run by the Catholic Church. The website is for anyone interested in seeing pictures or reading about the center. They even offer prenatal care and post-adoption counselling for the birthmoms. Jeff and I feel so much better about the adoption given this new information and prospects from Taiwan. We definitely believe we have made the right decision.

I have changed the poll and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in expected time frames for "Gotcha Day!"

I will be posting more often now that there is a shorter time frame and more news to share more often!

FYI - majority of folks living in Taiwan are of Chinese ancestry though there are also aboriginal ancestries as well. Mandarin Chinese and English are the two main language groups so we are still learning to speak Mandarin. It's Fun! We have requested a female between 0-12 months or twins of either gender. Oh Boy!!