Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Quotes

Two quotes I never thought I would have to say:

To Noelle - "Don't comb the plant!" there are little hairs on the stem of the new tomato plants that we are putting in our garden. We will see if they live long enough to get planted!

To Eli - "Don't lick the stove!" Technically he is trying to kiss his reflection but that is just nasty!

I swear between raising kids and teaching middle school , I should have started a book a long time ago.


Random Pics

Some pics for your enjoyment.


Eli and Ru

Typical smiley Ru

When all else fails, chew on plastic. They love the lids to the gerber fruits.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick update

Doctor's visit today went well. The baby's heart beat is 146 bpm. Noelle was usually around 144 bpm :) We will do a level 2 ultrasound on June 9th and my next visit will be on June 12th. Updates after the 12th for the new little one unless something happens.

Eli is in the throes of a growth spurt! He is eating us out of house and home and is crabby as all get out. Sleeping a lot too! Oh boy. He is already in 2T tops. Reminder, he is only 13 months old right now.

RU continues to amaze us with her developing skills. She is doing fabulously at therapy and is actually accepting the therapists more as time goes on.

Noelle is ready for school to be over! She is excited not to have to wear uniforms for the rest of the year. Problem - we don't have many clothes that fit her since we figured she would be in uniforms for another 2 weeks. Her summer stuff is ok, but it is cold here again! only in the 50/60s today. enough of the cold already!

Sorry no pics this time. Next time for sure!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching up a bit

Here is our April report. Yes, I know it is May. That 's why this is entitled, catching up a bit.

Noelle turned 6! She was super excited and we celebrated with the family at gramma and Grampas house. She got some fabulous presents and a delicious cake. Her birthday was on Easter this year so we had a fiesta Easter complete with Tacos and other such yummy items. We did have the traditional bunny cake for Easter as well as birthday cake. (Thank you Auntie Kris! The bunny was delicious!). We did an Easter egg hunt sponsored by a local church so we took everyone for a stroller ride and found lots of eggs - with chocolate and Bible verses inside!

Noelle was also a junior bridesmaid in a wedding in FLorida. It was beautiful weather, Noelle did great and the kids loved the pool! We are heading back there at the end of May so watch for more pics. The babies loved the warm weather as well.

Dad took the kids on a walk around NIU - Noelle got to wear her new hat (birthday present) They had lots of fun with the art students creations!

Noelle and Dad also had a formal dance at Cornerstone (her school). They had a great time eating and dancing!

I think that sums up April. New baby is still alive and kicking. Hopefully we will have more news in the near future to share!
Thanks for sticking with us!