Monday, September 3, 2007


Well, we thought we were further along in the process than we actually are at this time. Our homestudy, which we thought was already in the hands of USCIS, is actually back with the social worker for corrections requested by Journey's (our agency) home office. This means that it still needs to go to DCFS and then on to USCIS for final evaluation. Since it was not completed by Aug 1., the extra step of DCFS verification has to be met. While we feel like screaming, we realize that this 'delay' is simply a part of the process that will eventually lead us to the exact little girl that should and will be our daughter. God's timing is perfect and we are holding to it!

We are reading lots of books and have joined a support group for Families with Children from China. It has been great to be able to talk with folks who have either gone through the exact process that we have begun or are in similar stages of waiting like we soon will be.

Noelle has begun pointing things out that we should buy for her baby sister. This will be a long two years for her!