Monday, December 31, 2007

On the Wait List!!!

As of Dec 28, 2007 we are officially on the waiting list for program 2 for a healthy infant of either gender or twins of either/mixed gender. We have also decided to inquire about the possibility of siblings. Woo Hoo and Happy New Year everybody! We should have our family addition in 2008 if all goes well! (if not, early 2009?)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow Day!

Here's what we did today! Didn't get a whole lot done inside the house but boy was it fun outside! We had a great time out in the heavy wet snow that was perfect for snowmen, angels and snowball fights! Jeff has vacation until the 2nd so we are having a great time all together as a family.
Credits: raspberry road designs for a great snow kit!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

High Fashion Ladies

I couldn't resist throwing this one up here just for fun. Jen, Mom and I had a a great time at Noelle's 4th birthday party in 2007.

Thanks for the freebie frame from designsbynata!

Many Changes

Sorry for the silence. Many things have changed since my last posting. We have decided to fashion the adoption after a pregnancy from yesteryear, when mommies and daddies didn't find out until birth whether they were having a girl or a boy. We have decided to be open to either a boy or a girl or twins(!!) for this adoption. We know that God has already picked out our child and we are trusting in Him for this decision. He already did pretty good considering He gave us Noelle :)

Our Homestudy is done and the notarized copies are somewhere between here and Oregon/Washington. We unfortunately did not get to hear those magical words "You are officially on the waiting list" for our Christmas present (we were really hoping) but it will make for a lovely way to start the New Year.

Can't believe 2007 is already at an end.

On the job front, I am awaiting word from Concordia University (River Forest), UW Parkside (Kenosha, WI), and Aurora University (IL). Still heading to Bradley on Jan 16th. Students won't be in session so I will just meet a few of them for a Q&A.

I have begun digital scrapping and am really enjoying it. Not the most artsy kind of girl but there is a crafter down deep attempting to get out! If you click on the Christmas page (my first free form page) it will get bigger and you can see that I forgot to get rid of Noelle's red eyes. Oh well. Have a great Christmas eveyrone!

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the freebies graphics and such!
Angela Niehaus and Nicole Kaltenecker NBK-proudly presents...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Job Interview Update

Bradley called. They would like for me to spend the day with them on January 16th. I am pretty happy that they are shooting for sooner rather than later since originally they had stated end of Jan - early Feb. We shall see what we shall see!